HitLocator is a mini-enterprise dedicated to the design and production of construction safety systems, committed to providing reliable solutions to prevent accidents on construction sites. Under the motto 'Think safer', we are committed to making a difference to the lives of construction workers by ensuring that every employee can feel safe and secure in the workplace.


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Through a GPS localization system we are able to identify the exact position of the user in the event of an accident.


Provide crucial information on the extent of the incident in a timely manner to emergency responders.

Contacting Emergency Service

Through the HitLocator control unit we are able to contact the emergency services as soon as we receive the request for assistance.


Locator-v1 is an advanced safety device designed for construction helmets, aimed at maximizing workplace safety. By integrating impact detection technology, it instantly reports any accidents or impacts suffered by the helmet. In the event of an emergency, it immediately sends notifications to safety managers, providing precise details on the worker's location on the construction site thanks to the high-precision GPS system. Furthermore, it is able to evaluate the intensity of the impact and transmit detailed information, facilitating the evaluation of the accident. Compatible with various mobile apps and security management systems, it offers a wide range of features to monitor and ensure security in real time. This innovative device improves emergency response and reduces risks on construction sites.


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